Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Review

Here are a few highlights of our weekend. Friday night, we went out to Blue Goose Cantina for mexican food. There was a a thirty minute wait, which was not a problem because we had such an entertaining show. Walker's level of confidence in his dance moves may be a little inflated, but he loves to groove!
We stopped for ice cream before heading home and Walker ordered for himself, chocolate in a cone, yummy!

Saturday we did a few projects before heading to Arlington for Trumon's haircut. We enjoyed visiting with everyone at the salon, and Sugar got to show off her babies to her friends at work. I don't think I held Lauren the entire time we were there. We spent the rest of the afternoon with Papa and Sugar and had a great time. Trumon, Papa and the kids napped while Sugar and I got in a little shopping. We picked up a pizza on our way home that evening and were in bed by around 10pm, we are an exciting crew around here!

Sunday morning, we actually made it to church with a few minutes to spare, a big accomplishment. Our new routine is that we drop Walker off at his class and then Trumon and I go to the sanctuary with Lauren until the end of the music service. I slip off the the nursing mothers room just before the message, and watch the remainder of the service from there. When we picked up Walker from his class, one of the teachers had to tell me how impressed he was with Walker's vocabulary. Apparently, while discussing David and Goliath, one of the children referred to Goliath as "a bad guy" to which Walker responded "actually, I think he is the villian in this story". Walker's ability to communicate well didn't stop there though. We went out to eat after church, and as the waiter was taking everyone's order he looked at Lauren and joked that she probably wanted to order a steak. Walker quickly corrected him saying "Oh no, she can only drink milk from momma's breast right now, she is a baby". You just never know what you are going to get when dining with a three year old, it is certainly never boring!

It was nice to have a relatively uneventful weekend, to just enjoy our family without any other obligations or commitments, what a blessing.

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