Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Big Brother

Walker is taking his role of big brother very seriously. He is increasingly protective, and always thinks he knows best what Lauren needs. He also tells Lauren how he thinks she should react to things. When she doesn't take his advice he feels the need to jump in and save the day. Oh the burden we firstborns carry, such responsibility, so young. Well, Lauren was having a fussy moment when we got home this afternoon. Walker told me she most likely needed her diaper changed, but she still cried. He then suggested some toys and her play mat. When nothing was working he said "Alright baby Lauren, I'll sing a song - that always helps you". He then began a concert of "lullavies" as he calls them. I was able to grab the camera for the finale. She eventually settled - big brother to the rescue. The role of eldest sibling isn't an easy one, Trumon and I can both appreciate that, and our advice is not always well received, but we mean well. Little Lauren is very fortunate to have a third parent (that's what we are often referred to as) like Walker - he is an awesome little boy and a terrific big brother.

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Jennifer said...

Cavett enjoyed watching the video and Kendrick even came over and watched. I think he recognized the song! So sweet, that big brother. I can't believe how big Lauren is getting!