Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Itty and Bitty

I just realized I haven't posted since last Wednesday! I don't know where a week has gone, I knew it had been a few days - but a week I can't believe. Oh well, I'm back to blogging. Last week was a little wild here. Trumon was out of town Thursday through Sunday, Walker had an ear infection, and Lauren has decided she likes to fuss from about 5:00-6:30pm every day. She is also rolling over from her tummy to back, though I can't catch her on camera. She is almost getting from back to tummy, it won't be long.

The most excitement we've had here lately was a trip to see Itty and Bitty. Itty and Bitty are two miniature horses who are the stars of a children's book series. You can check them out at, they are SO precious! Itty and Bitty visited Walker's school, Reading Friends yesterday, and though Tuesday isn't his class day, we were invited to meet the horses and listen to their latest story. Walker dressed in his cowboy attire, and even though he can't seem to keep his hat turned the right direction or his shirt tucked in, he looked pretty cute. Being three and a little egocentric, he was under the impression that the horses were there just to meet him. When we pulled up to the school he shouted "Yeehaw Itty and Bitty, don't worry, Walker the cowboy is here!" Imagine his disappointment when he realized he had to wait his turn to meet the horses because other children were there. Thank goodness the author and owner of the horses Nancy Czerw, took a liking to Walker(and his outfit) and kept asking him to come and pet or take pictures. It sure pays off to be cute and have the right clothes for an occasion!

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