Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Park, Pizza and a Bike Ride

We've had a full day here at the Davis house. After breakfast and some playing around the house, we headed to the park in Coppell to meet daddy for lunch. We had a great time as usual, enjoying the weather outside and dining on one of Walker's favorites, "Chicken -Fil-A" . Lauren enjoyed some swinging, as did Walker, before he moved on to bigger and more dangerous attractions. After Trumon left, a little girl came and sat at our table. She was there with a nanny, as are most the children there, and she just walked over, sat down and stared at us. Walker and I both tried to make conversation with the little girl, but she just looked. This was terribly perplexing to Walker, and he finally said "well, if she is just going to sit there, I'm off to the slide". So he took off and there I was with this peculiar little girl. Again I tried to engage her, only to be met with silence and staring - it was beyond strange. After her nanny finished her phone call, she called for the girl and she took off. Then the nanny instructed her to sit on the bench with her, the poor little thing never played. There was also a little boy, big enough to play, in a stroller who the lady never got out. I don't know why she even took them to the park. I felt so awful for those children. I also felt incredibly blessed that I am afforded the opportunity to stay home with my children. Going to the park with my children is pure joy, but to this nanny, you could tell it was a just another task. Enough about that.

This afternoon, after nap and while Lauren was still down, Walker and I made pizza together. He had fun mixing and kneading the dough, and especially rolling it. We made barbecue chicken pizza, it was delicious! After dinner Trumon and Walker took off for a ride with our new bike stroller. They are still gone, I hope Walker is keeping his helmet on - he was determined not to, so we'll see.


Jennifer said...

I see the same thing with nannies around here. We are blessed to be able to stay home. As for the video, I love all the thank yous and your welcomes. He is just precious!

Jennifer said...

FYI-That comment last night about the boarding school really cracked me up!

I don't think it will happen, but the amount of time wasted in school just kills me!

Jennifer said...

BTW, you've been tagged!