Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fun at the Park!

Today is one of those beautiful, golden days that makes fall so special. The kids and I went to the park this afternoon for a couple of hours. Walker is really into monkey bars these days, and he is really good on them. He can swing for about four bars now, and can hang and swing in place forever. He is also not afraid to drop when he needs to let go. At one point, he was trying to swing from one bar to the next and he fell. When he got up he said "mama, that didn't go so well now did it". The child never ceases to amaze me with his little quips, he is really something else.

Lauren seemed to enjoy her time also, she even rolled from her back to tummy while we were there(of course not while I had the camera out!). She'll be on the monkey bars herself before I know it! I did catch her doing some serious "talking" while we were at the park.

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