Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Daddy Time and Nursery Rhymes

Now that there is another member to our family, our dinner table arrangement includes a baby swing. We place Lauren at the corner between us, and Walker sits to Trumon's left, across the table from me. This arrangement has worked great, and Lauren usually just swings and watches us happily. However, last night she just wanted to be held. From the time Trumon got home from work yesterday, she only wanted him. Whenever he left her sight, she would immediately start to look for him, then fuss until he came back and picked her up. She has him trained very well already. So, last night Trumon ate dinner with a baby on his lap, and as soon as Walker had finished his dinner, he was on dad also. Lauren had really been vocalizing, making some of the most precious little sounds, and we were going on about her. Walker, sensing that someone may be getting more attention than he was, had to go one better. He acknowledged Lauren's cute sounds, and then started reciting nursery rhymes. It was a sweet sight, seeing both of my babies with their Dad, each trying in their own way to capture his attention. My heart also overflows to see my husband able to give that attention and love to two children, both differently and simultaneously. Here is some video of last night's entertainment.

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Jennifer said...

"Hi, Walker! That was so much fun hearing that," said Cavett.