Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

There was a time when Walker looked as if he just stepped out of a children's catalog every time we left the house. Always matching, hair combed perfectly, shoes free of scuffs. This is no longer the case. The three year old child is a very independent creature. Their aesthetic differs from most, and they usually leave the house looking a little kooky. Walker loves to dress himself these days, and even though I have clothes laid out for him, he always digs in the closet for his own creation. Sometimes I make him change, sometimes its just not worth it and his creativity gets to go on display. We get a lot of looks in Target when he is wearing say, a button down polo, camo shorts and bright orange cowboy boots - with some sort of hat. His hair is also an attention getter. It is curly and golden and beautiful - but it has a mind of its own, and he likes to comb his own hair now. Yesterday, after Trumon got home from work, we went to go vote. We decided we would go out to eat after we left the polls. We informed Walker that we were about to leave and that he needed to get ready. He came downstairs in khaki shorts that were backwards, a red pajama shirt turned inside out and backwards, and a spider hat he had made at school. I convinced him that the pj top and shorts were not the best choice, but that he could wear the hat. The hat stayed on for the remainder of the evening, including dinner. So kooky, so cute!

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