Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Unusual Ingredients

So here is a sampling of the groceries purchased for my Thanksgiving recipes. As I unpacked the bags, I just giggled about how different my purchases were from my typical shopping trip. Our pantry typically doesn't see the likes of crisco(for a perfectly flaky pie crust), or coconut, and we usually don't have buttermilk in the fridge. I also laughed because my grandmother probably wonders what on earth I cook on a given day considering these are not pantry staples here. Tonight I start preparing our Thanksgiving dishes, and I better get busy - at last count we have twelve (maybe thirteen) adults and a handful of little ones coming Thursday.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Very Busy Day

Today marked Walker's first day of gymnastics. We think this will be a good activity for him. It is fun, channels some of the abundant energy he possesses, and will require him to exercise some self control. He loved his first lesson, and I think he did very well. After class, we headed over to visit our cousins in Aubrey. Walker was excited to Britley, Ollie and Aunt Angel. We ate lunch and played - lots of fun. Naps had to take place in the car because we still had some errands to run. We are finally home and I now need to start getting ready for a holiday party tonight. I can't believe the party season has already begun! Here are a few pics of our busy day thus far.

P.S. Literacy Thursday is probably going to be Literacy Friday this week!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rice Cereal

Tonight brought Lauren's first taste of rice cereal. She did great!!! One would have thought she had been doing this all along. As Trumon so eloquently put it "Ol' girl likes her groceries". The most difficult part of the experience was a little bit of jealousy on the part of a certain big brother. He doesn't like it when the cameras are focused just on Lauren. At one point, he even wanted to try the rice cereal - I don't think he'll ask for it again.

Boys and Girls

These photos from our weekend definitely showcase the differences that I can already see between Walker and Lauren. Walker, who has never enjoyed a shopping excursion, spent most of the weekend dressed in one of his costume creations and looking for dead worms and such. Lauren, on the other hand went on her inaugural trip to Neiman Marcus. We had lunch there and did a little shopping. She loved it, never fussed the entire time we were there. She just smiled and cooed, and had everyone coming over to check her out in her little pumpkin cap. For those who don't know, I was very leery about having a little girl. I really wanted a house full of boys. I have three brothers and so enjoy Walker, plus I REALLY don't like whining, which little girls seem to be prone to do. However, I am so thankful God has blessed us with Lauren. She is such a sweet, calm and happy baby. I love dressing her in all her frilly things, and can't wait to buy doll houses and ballet shoes. I know that each sex presents very different challenges to child rearing. I worry about the pressure that our society places on both boys and girls, and I pray daily that God will guide Trumon and I as we raise these children. For my children to mature into a Godly man and a Godly woman is my purpose, and responsibility. I am thankful though, that this very daunting task is an incredibly fun one - just ask the goggle, horse hoof wearing superhero and the a little lady who loves to lunch with her momma.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Literacy Thursday

My friend Jennifer had a great idea on her blog If Your Happy and You Know It. She is reviewing a different children's book each Thursday, and asking others to post a review of a book on their blog also. Hopefully this will catch on, I think it will be a great resource as we encourage a love of reading with our children.

The book I have chosen for this week is Caps For Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina. It is an oldie (I remember reading it as a child) but a goodie. This book was included in Walker's most recent literacy bag and he has really enjoyed reading it. It is the story of a peddler (fun new vocabulary word for a three year old) who sells caps. He wears a very tall stack of hats on his head, and walks through town shouting "caps for sale!". One day the peddler couldn't sell any of his caps, so he decides to take a stroll through the countryside. After stopping to nap under a tree, he realizes that all of his caps have been grabbed up by some silly monkeys. He then goes through a series of of frustrations trying to get the caps back from the monkeys. Caps For Sale has great repetitive rhythms which are so fun for the three year old reader. The repetition of the peddler's call, his actions, and the stacking of the different colored caps are quickly picked up on by a child this age. There are also plenty of three and four letter words that are exciting for this age to recognize and read on their own. Of course, anything with a bunch of silly monkeys is a hit with Walker!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On A Roll!

Ok, hopefully the video will post this time. She is really rolling around today, so cute!

Lauren's Latest Tricks

This is what Lauren Grace Davis is up to these days. She is talking(aka squealing) and continuing to be her delightful little self. She is also rolling over like a champ, but I couldn't get my video to upload, I'll try again later. What a blessing she is!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Uncle Caleb

This weekend we were blessed with a visit from my youngest brother Caleb. Caleb ( also known as KK or Uncle KK), was in a wedding in Wichita Falls Saturday afternoon, and stopped through here on his way home. Trumon had already procured a babysitter for the night, so we thought it would be fun to go out in Ft. Worth with Caleb. We went to Del Friscos, where we had a very nice dinner, and ran into a few people we know from Tyler. About midway through the salad course, a very nice lady approached our table. She had been sent by a young lady she was dining with who was interested in Caleb. They thought KK, dressed in his cowboy finery and black Stetson hat, was a celebrity of some kind. They had apparently been stalking him the entire time we were there, because they noticed that at the bar he ordered a coke. They told him they thought he was out with his pastor and pastor's wife(although, we had ordered libations in our cokes). SO, here we have Caleb, who appears to be some sort of cowboy celeb, with the reverend and wife. The ladies said it was because we looked nice. Oh well, we obviously aren't very cool looking, but I guess worse things could be said about you. Anyway, we had a nice time at dinner and indulged Caleb's ego by meeting up with his admirers at another restaurant for drinks afterwards. Ultimately, I don't believe a love connection was made, but we enjoyed meeting some new friends.

This morning I made pancakes for breakfast, realizing that we we almost out of syrup at the moment I was putting food on the table - way to go Adrianne. We ate our dry pancakes and headed off to church. Walker was so proud that Uncle KK was going with us. Walker absolutely adores Caleb, and for good reason. Besides the fact that Walker thinks Caleb is awesome for being a real cowboy, and driving a big truck, and having horses to ride(and let Walker name), Caleb is also very sweet to him. He has hauled him around for hours on end since he was just a baby, bought boots, hats, chaps and lassos, and always makes Walker feel like "a big boy". For Walker, time with Uncle KK is always an adventure, and Caleb always takes great care of him. Caleb's relationship with our Lord is evident in his actions, he is a good man, with a good heart. We love you KK - hope you come back to visit soon!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Central Market

Tuesday, the kids and I went to Central Market in Plano to see our friend and former neighbor Mrs. I.V. Crawford. I.V.(actually her name - the I and V are not initials for anything) and her daughter Margaret were in town for a doctors appointment, and we were thrilled when they called us to meet them. Mrs. I.V. and her late husband Jack lived across the street from us in Tyler, and she is very dear to us. She has been ill over the last few months, but she is now doing much better and has even been able to return home from the rehabilitation hospital. Hopefully she will be back to quilting and making pies soon (two things she does VERY well!). I was so glad she was able to meet Lauren, and see Walker for the first time in a year or so.

After our friends left, the kids and I stayed so that Walker could have some fun on the barnyard themed playground. I had a coffee and some fruit while Walker played, and Lauren took everything in from my lap. After dragging Walker out of the barn we made a lap through the store and picked up a few things. Its amazing how an unfamiliar grocery store can be so entertaining to a child. Walker said we were on a food adventure - why can't he be so excited about a trip to our Tom Thumb or Kroger? I guess I can't say anything, I grocery shopped with two little kids, which I typically consider to be a beating, and left thinking - wasn't that fun!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Little Lauren - 16 Weeks

It is very hard to believe, but Lauren Grace is 16 weeks old. Today she had her well check appointment with the pediatrician. Here are her latest stats....

Weight - 14lbs. 12oz. (75th percentile)

Height - 24 inches (50th percentile)

(they didn't write down the head measurement, but I recall her saying it was in the 90th percentile - my kids have enormous heads!)

Lauren received another round of vaccines, which she tolerated very well. She has been a little irritable this afternoon, but hopefully some Tylenol will resolve that. Our pediatrician was very impressed with Lauren's developmental accomplishments, and says she is doing perfectly. It is so reassuring to hear your doctor say that your child is healthy and progressing as they should. Thank you God, for the blessing of healthy, precious children.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Here are a few pictures from our very busy Halloween. Walker had his class party yesterday and then our family came over for trick or treating and gumbo. Thank you to Papa and Sugar for coming to the class party, it really meant a lot to a special little giraffe!