Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Literacy Bag

This week Walker's class started rotating literacy bags at school. Every Monday, each child brings home a different bag containing four books and activities associated with the theme of the books. Walker's bag this week is called "What's Cooking" - the books we've read thus far are If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and The Little Red Hen. All of the books have to do with cooking or food in some way, so the activities include supplies like a baking sheet, measuring cups, ect. Today we are going to play with salt on the baking sheet - using our fingers to practice writing letters, shapes ect. in the salt. Then you shake the salt around to erase and start over again. We also take the measuring cups and spoons to the bathtub and experiment with how many tbsps. go into a 1/2 cup, cup and on so on. I write about this because Walker was ecstatic to bring this bag home. You would have thought it was a bag full of candy. He could not wait to get into the bag. We had a really busy day yesterday, so I told him we would read the first book after bath and before bed, with Daddy. You've never seen a child so ready to bathe and get into pjs. Now, we read everyday, and in fact he told me the other day that his dinosaur book was his favorite toy, but the literacy bag was fun on a whole new level. Dad read our first book and we talked about the projects we would do this week. He of course wanted to do them all right then, and read the other three books the first night. After explaining several times that we would have the bag for the entire week, he finally settled down for bed. I am so encouraged by his love of learning, especially reading. Thanks to Mrs. Fullerton for the literacy bags- we are having great fun!

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Jennifer said...

What a great idea! I might have to steal some projects. ;)