Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Very Busy Day

Today marked Walker's first day of gymnastics. We think this will be a good activity for him. It is fun, channels some of the abundant energy he possesses, and will require him to exercise some self control. He loved his first lesson, and I think he did very well. After class, we headed over to visit our cousins in Aubrey. Walker was excited to Britley, Ollie and Aunt Angel. We ate lunch and played - lots of fun. Naps had to take place in the car because we still had some errands to run. We are finally home and I now need to start getting ready for a holiday party tonight. I can't believe the party season has already begun! Here are a few pics of our busy day thus far.

P.S. Literacy Thursday is probably going to be Literacy Friday this week!

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Jennifer said...

OMG! Angel's daughter is precious! I haven't seen any pics of her. Tell her I said hi!