Thursday, November 13, 2008

Literacy Thursday

My friend Jennifer had a great idea on her blog If Your Happy and You Know It. She is reviewing a different children's book each Thursday, and asking others to post a review of a book on their blog also. Hopefully this will catch on, I think it will be a great resource as we encourage a love of reading with our children.

The book I have chosen for this week is Caps For Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina. It is an oldie (I remember reading it as a child) but a goodie. This book was included in Walker's most recent literacy bag and he has really enjoyed reading it. It is the story of a peddler (fun new vocabulary word for a three year old) who sells caps. He wears a very tall stack of hats on his head, and walks through town shouting "caps for sale!". One day the peddler couldn't sell any of his caps, so he decides to take a stroll through the countryside. After stopping to nap under a tree, he realizes that all of his caps have been grabbed up by some silly monkeys. He then goes through a series of of frustrations trying to get the caps back from the monkeys. Caps For Sale has great repetitive rhythms which are so fun for the three year old reader. The repetition of the peddler's call, his actions, and the stacking of the different colored caps are quickly picked up on by a child this age. There are also plenty of three and four letter words that are exciting for this age to recognize and read on their own. Of course, anything with a bunch of silly monkeys is a hit with Walker!


Jennifer said...

We have never read this one! We will look forward to finding it at the library on our next trip. Thanks!

Terry said...

What a great way to encourage kids to get excited about reading. If you're looking for books that match a child's interest. We'd invite you to jump in the The Reading Tub. We're a nonprofit promoting reading as a family activity.

Terry Doherty
Executive Director
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