Monday, November 3, 2008

Little Lauren - 16 Weeks

It is very hard to believe, but Lauren Grace is 16 weeks old. Today she had her well check appointment with the pediatrician. Here are her latest stats....

Weight - 14lbs. 12oz. (75th percentile)

Height - 24 inches (50th percentile)

(they didn't write down the head measurement, but I recall her saying it was in the 90th percentile - my kids have enormous heads!)

Lauren received another round of vaccines, which she tolerated very well. She has been a little irritable this afternoon, but hopefully some Tylenol will resolve that. Our pediatrician was very impressed with Lauren's developmental accomplishments, and says she is doing perfectly. It is so reassuring to hear your doctor say that your child is healthy and progressing as they should. Thank you God, for the blessing of healthy, precious children.

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