Sunday, November 9, 2008

Uncle Caleb

This weekend we were blessed with a visit from my youngest brother Caleb. Caleb ( also known as KK or Uncle KK), was in a wedding in Wichita Falls Saturday afternoon, and stopped through here on his way home. Trumon had already procured a babysitter for the night, so we thought it would be fun to go out in Ft. Worth with Caleb. We went to Del Friscos, where we had a very nice dinner, and ran into a few people we know from Tyler. About midway through the salad course, a very nice lady approached our table. She had been sent by a young lady she was dining with who was interested in Caleb. They thought KK, dressed in his cowboy finery and black Stetson hat, was a celebrity of some kind. They had apparently been stalking him the entire time we were there, because they noticed that at the bar he ordered a coke. They told him they thought he was out with his pastor and pastor's wife(although, we had ordered libations in our cokes). SO, here we have Caleb, who appears to be some sort of cowboy celeb, with the reverend and wife. The ladies said it was because we looked nice. Oh well, we obviously aren't very cool looking, but I guess worse things could be said about you. Anyway, we had a nice time at dinner and indulged Caleb's ego by meeting up with his admirers at another restaurant for drinks afterwards. Ultimately, I don't believe a love connection was made, but we enjoyed meeting some new friends.

This morning I made pancakes for breakfast, realizing that we we almost out of syrup at the moment I was putting food on the table - way to go Adrianne. We ate our dry pancakes and headed off to church. Walker was so proud that Uncle KK was going with us. Walker absolutely adores Caleb, and for good reason. Besides the fact that Walker thinks Caleb is awesome for being a real cowboy, and driving a big truck, and having horses to ride(and let Walker name), Caleb is also very sweet to him. He has hauled him around for hours on end since he was just a baby, bought boots, hats, chaps and lassos, and always makes Walker feel like "a big boy". For Walker, time with Uncle KK is always an adventure, and Caleb always takes great care of him. Caleb's relationship with our Lord is evident in his actions, he is a good man, with a good heart. We love you KK - hope you come back to visit soon!

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Jennifer said...

What an awesome brother you have and a celeb at that! Sounds like a great weekend.