Thursday, November 6, 2008

Central Market

Tuesday, the kids and I went to Central Market in Plano to see our friend and former neighbor Mrs. I.V. Crawford. I.V.(actually her name - the I and V are not initials for anything) and her daughter Margaret were in town for a doctors appointment, and we were thrilled when they called us to meet them. Mrs. I.V. and her late husband Jack lived across the street from us in Tyler, and she is very dear to us. She has been ill over the last few months, but she is now doing much better and has even been able to return home from the rehabilitation hospital. Hopefully she will be back to quilting and making pies soon (two things she does VERY well!). I was so glad she was able to meet Lauren, and see Walker for the first time in a year or so.

After our friends left, the kids and I stayed so that Walker could have some fun on the barnyard themed playground. I had a coffee and some fruit while Walker played, and Lauren took everything in from my lap. After dragging Walker out of the barn we made a lap through the store and picked up a few things. Its amazing how an unfamiliar grocery store can be so entertaining to a child. Walker said we were on a food adventure - why can't he be so excited about a trip to our Tom Thumb or Kroger? I guess I can't say anything, I grocery shopped with two little kids, which I typically consider to be a beating, and left thinking - wasn't that fun!

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Jennifer said...

Ah, the grocery stor fiasco. Going Cavett has actually become more fun (but only when K is in an ok mood). He sees it as Walker does. He likes naming the "unheard of" fruits and veggies--eggplants, uglifruit, plantains, star fruit, ect. I also tell him what we need on a certain isle and he tries to see if he can find it.