Thursday, September 18, 2008

Zebra On The Loose!

So this is what happens when you leave a 3 year old to his own devices. While I was sorting some laundry this morning, I was under the impression that Walker was content playing with blocks in the family room. However, in the ten minutes that I was not watching him, he found last year's Halloween costume, grabbed an "icicle" and headed outside. Now, I had just tried to get him to play outside a little earlier, but he informed me that it looked a little rainy and he wasn't interested. Anyway, he had a great time being a zebra in the backyard. He said he needed the popsicle because he didn't have any hay!

Lauren is vocalizing more and more. This is just a taste of her precious little sounds. Like most kids, she stops performing once I pull the camera out.

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