Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Week of Firsts

Well this is definitely a week of firsts. First of all, this is blog number one for the Davis family. I've been trying to get around to this for about a month now, so I feel a real sense of accomplishment in finally posting a blog. Also, Walker had his first day of school (three year class - three mornings a week) this past week. So far, he is having a great time and says he loves his new teacher Mrs. Fullerton. He is the only boy in the class, but he doesn't seem to mind it at all. He is very tired by the time I pick him up at noon. He eats his lunch and puts up no fuss about nap time, even falling asleep before making it upstairs. Having these three comparatively quiet days a week are very nice as far as allowing me some one on one time with Lauren. Speaking of Lauren, she received her first round of shots at her two month appointment Tuesday. She tolerated them as well as can be expected, just a couple of minutes of crying. Here are her stats from her checkup....

Weight - 11lbs. 5oz. (75th percentile)

Length - 22 inches (50th percentile)

She is smiling, cooing and doing all the other precious things that little two month olds are supposed to do. She really is a blessing and has just fallen into the routine of our family. Its amazing how second children seem so less disruptive(for lack of a better word) to your family life. I wish I would have known with Walker how easy this time of infancy was, I would have enjoyed him even more. Oh well, thats why they call it perspective!

We were also back at church for the first time since Lauren's birth. We were so happy to go back. Trumon and I were a great team dressing ourselves and now two children, and making it to church on time - it was no small feat! We attend Denton Bible Church which is about a 20 minute drive so we really have to get with it on Sunday mornings. Walker's class discussed Moses and the burning bush - he seemed to be very impressed. Our theological discussions with Walker get more and more interesting these days. He is currently confused about how God can be everywhere and live in so many people's hearts. We've tried to tell him that is something that is confusing even for grown ups and then use that as a starting point to discuss faith. His little heart just amazes me, I pray that his quest for deeper understanding never leaves him.

So, I look forward to this being the first of many posts. I hope this will help us to chronicle this fleeting time in our life, and communicate with our family and friends a little more easily.

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Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your first post! We look forward to hearing more from you. Also, Happy Early Birthday to you! I figured I better say it today, because we may not have power tomorrow. Hope you have a great day!