Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Love This Weather - Part II

It is so nice being outdoors again! We haven't been able to go to the park since Lauren was born because the afternoons were just too hot for a newborn. To celebrate getting out again, we met Trumon at a park near his office for lunch yesterday. We packed up sandwiches and got to enjoy daddy and some playground time.

Walker always makes me laugh when we go to any venue where other children are around. He introduces himself to everyone who comes his way, "Hi, I'm Walker - what is your name?". He sometimes asks if they want to play, or may ask what they are doing, but he MUST say something to them. I don't know whether to attribute this to genetics or environment, but it doesn't really matter because the common denominator in either equation is Trumon. Don't get me wrong, I am social by nature and consider myself to be an outgoing, friendly person, but Trumon has NEVER met a stranger. The other funny thing about Walker is that, like his dad, he doesn't care if the person he tries to engage reciprocates his niceties. He will just keep on talking and then walk away and do his own thing. I am so glad that he has that kind of confidence.

So, after a couple of hours of playing and delicious pb&js(or jellybean sandwiches - as Walker calls them) we headed home for a nap. I am so blessed to have days like these with my children, I cherish every moment.

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Jennifer said...

What fun! Meeting Dad at the park for lunch. It's so funny to read about Walker. He and Cavett are so much alike. Maybe it IS the dentist Dads.