Thursday, September 25, 2008

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It has been a few days since my last post. We were out of town this weekend which always throws us off a little, and I have been fighting a migraine for two days. The migraine won. Not much has been accomplished around here, survival has been an achievement. Anyway, I'm back to normal and just in time. We have my friend Alyssa staying with us for a few days, she is our refugee from hurricane Ike. Her corporate headquarters are in Dallas, so she is working from there since there isn't much she can accomplish in Houston right now. We are glad she will be with us for a couple of days - she brings a whole new level of fun to our home. My mom and stepdad are also going to be with us a few days. They have dental appointments with Trumon, and I'm enlisting their help with our neighborhood garage sale this weekend.

Our trip to Grapeland this weekend was really nice. Lauren made her debut at several of Grapeland's "hot spots", and attended church on Sunday. Walker had great time as usual, he is a country boy at heart. Walker's highlight of this weekend was seeing a wild hog on the side of the road, and watching Nana's hummingbirds.

The picture of Walker is at my Pawpaw's old farm. He loves for me to tell him stories about this place. As kids, my brothers, cousins and I spent every minute possible out there. We played in the barns, the fields and creeks for hours on end. We had "pet" cows, horses, and cats that we felt sure needed to see us every day. Pawpaw would let us do pretty much whatever we wanted to do out there. He would oblige any whim we had on our agenda, whether it was swimming, jumping hay bales, floating objects down the creek, or riding a pony, he made it happen. By the time we reached the ripe old age of six or seven we would start driving the truck through the fields. When we had all reached "driving age" we had to take turns behind this wheel, and only the most experienced drivers could pass through the gaps from pasture to pasture. We loved our time out there. You can ask any of us what our fondest childhood memories are, and I can assure they involve the "red barn", which is what we called the place. My Pawpaw sold his cows a few years before he died and now another family is on the place, but whenever we drive by I am flooded with the most beautiful of memories.

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like tons of fun. I think everybody should have an East Texas Farm.