Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Love This Weather!

The last couple of days have been incredibly beautiful here. We have enjoyed being outside and opening our windows. We are meeting more of our new neighbors now that people can stand to get out and play in the evenings. Its amazing how much more energy you have when the temp drops 20 degrees. Trumon has been doing some landscaping projects and Walker has been "helping" him. Trumon is such a great dad. For those who don't know, if you are including a child in whatever the task at hand is, plan on it taking at least twice the amount of time it normally would. Trumon always gets Walker to "help" - and somehow doesn't completely lose it before the project is done. Trust me, this takes great patience! Walker has such a sense of accomplishment when he is done, and dad tells him that there is no way he could have done it without his help. Walker always runs in and brags on how he saved the day. Thanks boys, for my new topiaries - love them!

Lauren is still sleeping at night and wakes me up every morning not with crying, but by cooing and wiggling in her bassinet. She has the sweetest disposition. Like I said earlier, Walker is enjoying his evenings with dad and playing with his new neighbors outside. Walker wanted me to post a message for Papa and Sugar, who are in Mexico on vacation. He has requested that they bring a shark tooth home for his souvenir - he has been worried that they may forget. Hope you guys are having a great time - we are jealous, but happy that your are getting a little r&r.

I'm so happy to know that the power is up again for my family in Grapeland - I still can't believe that Ike caused so much destruction that far north. We will be there this weekend and I know Trumon and Walker would love to help with the clean up. Trumon hasn't used a chainsaw in some time now, I 'm sure he's missing it!

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