Sunday, September 14, 2008

33 Years Old!

Somehow I turned 33 years old on Saturday. I forget how old I am all the time, and even told someone the other day that I was 30. I didn't shave off three years because I'm upset by my age, I truly forgot three years had passed since that milestone. Birthdays just seem to be coming a lot faster these days. Hurricane Ike spoiled my birthday plans. I was supposed to go home to Grapeland for the first time in five months. I have really been missing my hometown and family and was looking forward to everyone there meeting Miss Lauren. My friend Alyssa who lives in Houston also planned to meet us there. I was very down when I realized that my little trip would not materialize. That's when my sweet Trumon came to the rescue. If somehow my family and friends who are living without power and water are able to read this blog, let me first say that I did feel a little guilty for the fabulous day I experienced while you were trying to survive a hurricane - now I will finish my story, I just didn't want to seem insensitive.
My birthday began like any Saturday, cooking pancakes and having a big breakfast since Trumon is home with us. Then my husband and kids drove me to the Coldwater Creek Spa, where Trumon not only got a gift certificate for me but booked the day of treatments. It was incredible!!! This spa is really nice and very relaxing. The decor is so soothing and all of the staff is very attentive. I was massaged, manicured, pedicured and even squeezed in a little work on my eyebrows(the bain of my existence). Between treatments my spa attendant would take me to the relaxation room where I received a warm neck wrap, a foot soak and a drink while reading a magazine and enjoying the soothing quiet and peacefulness of my surroundings. For those of you who haven't experienced a few hours of this kind of pampering, do it! Ok, so while I was living the good life at the spa, Trumon not only survived a 3 year old and a 2 month old but he also cleaned house and did several other projects around here. Is he awesome or what?! And it doesn't stop there. He also made dinner reservations at Del Frisco's in Fort Worth and arranged a babysitter (thank you Jennifer Gonzalez!!!). We had a fabulous dinner and an even better conversation. Del Frisco's is where Trumon proposed to me 11 years ago! We talked about all of the changes in our life since that night. We had lots of hopes and dreams at that time, but I never could have expected just how incredible our life would be. It hasn't been perfect, and we've been through many a storm but WOW, life is really good. I praise God for blessing me with such a wonderful husband, and I thank him for the beautiful children we have the privilege to raise. Thank you Trumon for a perfect day!
I also had a few other birthday celebrations. On Saturday my sweet neighbor brought over a cake that she made - so cute! Her little girls also made a card for me and drew a picture of our dog Major. Thank you Locastro family - you guys are so precious. On Sunday we met my in laws at Babe's Chicken House, my favorite bad for you restaurant. If you are from the South, especially if you grew up in the country like I did, Babe's is like eating a meal at your grandmother's house. The menu is this - fried chicken, chicken fried steak, chicken strips and creamed corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, cream gravy, biscuits, and salad with that yummy vinegar/oil/sugar dressing --- I love it!!!! It is brought out in big serving bowls and you pass your plates, just like supper at GaGa's house. Thank you Davis' for lunch and for my birthday present, I will enjoy the shopping trip! I almost forgot , my mother-in-law Debbie, also known as Sugar(grandmother name) made my favorite dessert and brought it to Babes. Everyone looked at us with envy as we dug into my cake - it was delicious as always.
So despite Ike's attempts to ruin my birthday, I had a great one - and I get to celebrate again in a couple of weeks when I can go to Grapeland, which hopefully has power by then!


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday again! I am so glad you still had a good one despite Ike. And I am lovin' the fact that you are blogging now!

jamie said...

Happy Happy Belated birthday. Wish we could have seen yall. I would rather have been with you at the spa instead of stuck on the couch all weekend being sick. Love yall.