Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Its Been A While

Ok, so it has been a few days (actually a week) since my last post. The last week has been a whirlwind, and my camera obviously got lost in it. I have almost no pictures of the last week's happenings. I am hoping my father-in-law snapped a few at Thanksgiving, so I have some kind of record of our first Thanksgiving in our new home, and with Lauren. Thanksgiving Day was an eventful one with 11 adults, 5 children under 3, and 2 babies. We all had a great time and ate way too much. On Friday, we did a little shopping and went out for mexican food(a day after Thanksgiving tradition). Saturday, my brother Jon-Michael and his wife Jamie came up and stayed through Sunday. We have also been decorating for Christmas, which isn't so easy with a little boy who "just wants to help mama". While I am on the topic of Christmas, in one of the boxes we pulled down there was a decoration/toy that Nana sent to Walker in one of her care packages last year. It is one of those annoying, singing Hallmark things that little children love, and their grandparents seem to think are so cute. Had something like this been sent to our house growing up, my mom would have removed the batteries after about 30 minutes, now she sends them as to my children. Check out the video of Walker with this little jewel, I think the batteries are going to go out on their own very soon - he has not quit playing it for three days now, even taking it to bed.
This morning, we had an appointment to take a family portrait, our first with Lauren, and one to hopefully use for our Christmas cards. Trumon was meeting us from work, so all of the dressing and hair coming(Walker) was on me. While driving down the road and fretting about Trumon running late(his schedule was very tight, and people tend to frown on their dentist just leaving mid-appointment), I met up with a policeman and his radar. I was of course speeding, how badly I would rather not say. As I pulled over Walker started asking "Momma, is this were we are going to take our picture?" After the policeman approached the car Walker exclaims "Wow momma, we are going to take our picture with a policeman - this is great!" The officer and I had a good laugh, and I was hoping that he thought we were all so darling that he would overlook my offense - but he didn't. Oh well, at least he was nice. Besides Walker's usual antics that are always apparent in our photographs, we will have another good story to remember as we look at this year's pic in the years to come.

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Jennifer said...

Ugh. SOrry about that ticket. However, it is always fun to know the stories behind the what looks like a truly calm and peaceful, smiling happy picture!

Cavett's great-grandmother has tons of those animal/musical things. I'm so glad they stay at her house!!!