Monday, December 15, 2008

An Old Friend

Sweet Lauren is getting so big. She is awake for longer stretches now, and really wanting to play. She is very content playing on the floor, but due to her proficiency at rolling, I have to keep a very good eye on her. So, today I decided to pull out an old friend, the trusty Baby Einstein exersaucer. This toy was very loved by Walker, and a lifesaver for me. The exersaucer offers entertainment for baby, and the security of confinement for a mommy. Now, I don't just stick the kid in for hours on end, but it is nice to know where they are so I can do something as exciting as unloading the dishwasher. I'm anxious to see how big brother reacts to Lauren playing in one of "his" toys, I wouldn't put it past him to try to get in the thing!

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