Monday, December 22, 2008

The Weekend

Our weekend was once again a busy one. I'll start the weekend review with Thursday evening. Thursday evening Trumon and I drove into Dallas to meet one of my oldest, dearest friends Rustin Richburg for dinner. Rustin currently lives in London, so needless to say, I don't get to see him very often. Rustin is quite possibly the most hilarious person I've ever known, and I have a lot of characters in my life, so that is really saying something. We were joined for dinner by Rustin's mom Carmen and friend Jeff, who are also both riots. We had a great time catching up and reminiscing. I didn't want to leave, but we had a sitter and Trumon had to work Friday morning. Friday evening, we hosted a Christmas party for Trumon's staff. It was great to do something for them, they have worked really hard this year and we so appreciate all of them.

Saturday, we went out for breakfast, ran some errands together and then Trumon took off for the final Cowboys game at Texas Stadium. The Cowboys of course blew the game, but he said the experience was awesome, and that he got to see many of the players he grew up watching. While Trumon was at the game, the kids and I went on a road trip with Papa and Sugar to visit the Graham family (Sugar's parents and brother/sister-in-law). It was a rather lengthy one, due to the fact that Papa decided to take one of his infamous shortcuts. My father-in-law has the unique ability to turn any 45 minute trip into a 3 hour tour with one deviated turn. He has even continued to do it with a navigation system in his SUV! We had a great time though, the road trip conversations were lots of fun, and it really helped break up what would have been a very long evening alone with two kids. After the long journey(we drove sixty some odd miles out of the way), we had a nice visit with Sugar's family. They have recently moved out to a farm, so of course, Walker was is heaven. On the way home, we stopped at Saltgrass, Walker's favorite restaurant (because of all the stuffed animals on the wall). Thanks Papa and Sugar for a very entertaining night, we had fun!

Sunday was low key, we just enjoyed our day together as a family. Walker and Trumon took care of a few projects, and then bundled up for a hike(high temps in the 30s).

We are SOOOOO excited about the upcoming week! I don't think I 've anticipated a Christmas like this since I was a little girl.

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