Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Tea

Today, I was a guest of honor at a Mother's Day Tea hosted by Walker's class. I received my invitation two weeks ago and since that time Walker has been dropping "hints" about what was in store for this special occasion. He asked to wear a "handsome" shirt and tie and requested that I wear a beautiful dress and NOT wear a ponytail in my hair(point taken).

The mommies were escorted to a lovely decorated classroom where we found our places by looking for a picture of our special date. As I pinned on my corsage made of painted coffee filters, I looked down to notice a book with information about each mom. The best part of the book is that these "vital statistics" were given by our children. Most of the kids stated their moms weighed between 20 and 30 pounds, my son said I was a svelte 915 pounds! He got the hair and eye color correct, said my smile was his favorite thing about me, that I was as pretty as a cute bird and my favorite food is a marshmallow (EVERY other child said their mom's favorite food was a salad, no wonder they weight 20 pounds and I am 915!).

I enjoyed some delicious lemonade, petit fours, and chocolate covered strawberries, all prepared by the kids. What a special day! I know that days like today are the ones that will come to mind when he gradutates from college, get married, or has a child of his own one day. Earlier today, as I was telling him that he was just getting too big, he smiled at me and said "don't worry Mommy, I'm getting bigger, but I'll always be your son!" - such sweet words from such a sweet boy.


LynnAnn said...

So sweet! I love the little song! I did a Mother's Day survey in my class today and one of my questions was, "What was your mom like when she was a little girl?" And one of my boys looked at me like I was kind of crazy and said, "Well, I wasn't exactly born yet."

Summer said...

I love the picture of Walker holding the picture that he drew looking like he doesn't exactly want to pose, haha. I know that face. Hope you had a good Mother's Day. : -) I miss you guys!