Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lauren's Six Month Checkup

Its hard to believe, but Lauren is now six months old. She had a great well check appointment with her doctor on Friday, showing off all of her latest tricks, and charming everyone with her amazing disposition. Her pediatrician was very impressed with her progress and proclaimed that she was "absolutely perfect" - I am very well aware of this fact, but it is nice to hear it from an authority! Here are her stats from the visit....

Height - 251/4 inches (25th percentile)

Weight - 17 pounds (75th percentile)

Her doctor isn't concerned right now with the fact the she is more round than long - she reassured me that this is something that will level out now, as she becomes more mobile.

Lauren is now sitting unassisted, rolling, doing that funny pre crawling belly slither. I know that all out crawling will happen any day now, she is determined to do it.
I am now adding fruits and veggies in addition to nursing and cereal. The doctor also recommended giving her a sippy cup with water and an appropriate finger food to begin to introduce self feeding. I cannot believe she is getting big enough for all of this, why can't she just stay little?

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LynnAnn said...

Adrianne! I'm so glad you posted your blog address on your facebook! Would you let me add you to my blogroll? --It's totally fine if not - I know a lot of people get creeped out by strangers visiting their websites!
I'm so excited for this fun way to keep up with what the Davis family is doing!