Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just A Swingin'

Yesterday was a long awaited one at the Davis home, our new playset (or playground, as Walker calls it) was installed. We researched and bargained for many months before finding just the right one. We were hoping to have it here by Walker's birthday, but due to several days of yucky weather and other setbacks, it arrived about a month afterwards. Walker played from the time the sealer was dry, about 4pm until 9pm last night (normal bedtime is 8:00), we even had dinner on the patio - it was great! He played so hard that he slept until 9:45 this morning, and of course woke up wanting to immediately go outside.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Patty Cake

Lauren has a new found love of playing patty cake, and Walker seems to enjoy "teaching her". His version is a little different that what we normally recite, but she loves it all the same!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Walker and Dinosaurs

This past weekend our family journeyed to Houston for a great weekend packed with friends, food, shopping, a business meeting and a visit to a place Walker has been dying to go to for some time now - The Houston Museum of Natural Science. Walker is currently obsessed with dinosaurs, he knows most by their very long names and can tell you many interesting facts about them. This fascination has been going on for quite a while and has been fueled recently by the fact his class is going through a dinosaur unit for the next month. The museum volunteers seemed very impressed with Walker's knowledge of the different dinosaurs, and he informed one young lady that he was going to be a paleontologist when he was older. He also educated a group who was touring the exhibit about the difference between a carnivore and an herbivore, they seemed impressed. His excitement was contagious, Trumon and I have visited this museum many times but both agreed we appreciated it on an entirely different level.

Though dinosaurs were the main subject of the day, we visited the other exhibits also and toured the butterfly habitat and entomology area. The only thing the child seems to like more than dinosaurs are bugs - he is all boy.

The the video is shaky and sideways(I don't know how to correct that), I've also posted Walker reporting the weather from the hands on science lab of the museum.

Thanks Alyssa for the hospitality, we had so much fun that it is going to require a seperate post later today!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Trumon!!!!!!

Today has been a very special one around here. My dear husband, and Walker and Lauren's sweet daddy celebrated his 35th birthday. The celebration actually began this weekend. With the kids feeling like themselves again, and knowing that it would be a beautiful weekend, we headed to Shreveport on Saturday. We went to eat at some our favorite spots - Superior(twice), Herby Ks, and enjoyed humpries from Counter Culture on both Saturday and Sunday. Trumon and Walker enjoyed some swimming in the rooftop pool at the new Shreveport Hilton while Lauren and I hit some of Shreveport's amazing children's boutiques in search of an Easter dress. Sunday we visited FUMC Shreveport and enjoyed Palm Sunday services, we were blessed to see Will Andress and many other old friends. I must say though, that the best part of our visit was the fact that spring and its beautiful blooms were at their glorious peak. I don't believe I've ever seen the azaleas, dogwoods and hydrangeas that grace Shreveport's old neighborhoods look as amazing as the do this year, it was breathtaking. It was a perfect weekend to get some pictures of the kids in the beautiful gardens of Centenary and Norton Art Gallery.

We had such a great time with you this weekend, Trumon. Hope you enjoyed your birthday - we love you so very much!

Friday, April 3, 2009


So here is the bad news - TWO sick kids. Lauren has a right ear infection, she is really teething which is causing some pretty bad diapers(antibiotics aren't helping this situation) and Walker says he just feels yucky and tired. There is a silver lining though - they are both in very good moods and seem content to just lie around and rest. As I type, we are all piled in my bed watching movies and reading books and yes, I'm still in my pajamas. I am thankful that there is nothing pressing to do today, and blessed with two little ones who seem to be on the mend.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Vow to Blog

Ok, so I've been a real slacker when it comes to blogging. I have a few excuses like a camera that has been acting weird, too many time obligations as of late, birthdays, lessons, playdates,and the general hecticness of running a home and raising children. I will also admit that I 've become addicted to Facebook, which I've spent too much time on and I only have so much time to be on the computer without totally neglecting the earlier mentioned responsibilities in my day. With that being said, I am vowing today to be a better blogger. I started this to simply chronicle the day to day of my family, to post and share stories and pictures with friends and family. Some days the post may read "I am tired, my kids seem to have been possessed and I really need a full time maid". Now, I know that doesn't sound sweet, or portray my life as a stay at home mom at its best, but there are days when that is my reality.

So how are things going today? Well, Lauren has a doctor's appointment at noon to address among other things - diarrhea, need I say more?! These explosions require multiple baths and loads of laundry. On a bright note, she remains sweet and happy which makes the whole situation more bearable. Walker is getting to watch much more Noggin and PBS than he usually would, so he a happy guy. Speaking of Walker, during my blogging hiatus he had his 4th birthday, unbelievable! He is an awesome, amazing child. His mind is exploding now, so curious and bright. He loves hiking and identifying animals, trees and plants. He is an expert bike rider and has a vast vocabulary in both English and Spanish(thanks Mrs. Vazquez!) He can write his own name and read and write several three and four letter words and loves to draw. He has a very sweet heart. He is a wonderful big brother to little Lauren, he sings to calm her and prays for her whenever he thinks she is hurting. I love you Walker, I am so proud of you!
Lauren continues to grow, in so many ways. She is playing patty cake, waves and says hi and bye, says dada, momma and Wa(which I'm positive means Walker). She crawls sporadically, mainly due to proficiency at rolling and scooting. She is eating more and more baby foods and drinks water from a sippy cup, she is also on formula now. She is still without a single tooth, but is working on it - lots of chewing and drooling. Lauren remains the happiest little girl I've ever known. Everywhere she goes people comment on her precious disposition. As I said earlier, it is a constant even when sick, as she has been the last few days.

I now feel caught up. I leave you with a few pictures of the last couple of months and a promise to be a better blogger, even if some future blogs are short and (not so)sweet.